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“Girls Talk to Boys” – An interview with Kelly Ekardt

A couple of weeks ago I went down to London for a networking event called, Mothers Meeting Business Club. It is an event set up by Jenny Scott 5 years ago to get mums together who have an idea for a business, or are running a business and to get them all together to talk, make friends and possibly make business connections.  If you are in London, or even if you’re not (like me), it is well worth a visit. It is very inspiring to talk to other like-minded mums with businesses or looking to start a business.

Kelly Ekardt was one of the mums I met there. She is a lovely American mum of one who recently launched her own brand of childrenswear, Girls Talk to Boys after suffering a brain haemorrhage at 30 weeks pregnant. I suppose it can focus the mind going through something like that but what a strong lady?! Hats off to you, Kelly!

Anyway the clothes are gorgeous and she is currently running a crowd funding campaign because you’d be surprised at just how much money it takes to run and sustain a fashion company.  To see the campaign click here. Take a look. If you fund her campaign you can get some of the collection before it goes into stores!! Be there first!

She has agreed to do a little interview with us here at Little Lulu’s…

Kelly, could you tell us a bit about yourself? Do you have a background in fashion and retail?

I’m an American married to a German living in London and I have an almost 4 year old daughter. I’ve been living in London for 8 years now. I first came to London to study. I was awarded a fashion design scholarship to come study at an American University here AIU. I then met my husband and the rest is history. I studied product development and fashion design at University. I’ve always had a love for fashion. I originally wanted to get into sourcing or become a fashion forecaster, instead I became a stylist for a big outdoor company in the States. When I moved back to London I couldn’t find a job it was 2008 after the financial crisis, so I started up an online childrenswear shop called I Dream Elephants. I did this with my then business partner for four years until I had my brain haemorrhage. Then I took some time out. I have since worked for Babyccino Kids, Little Icons, Sense Organics, Merchant Archive and Foundation Agency. Now I am finally designing again!


When and why did you decide to launch Girls Talk to Boys? How did it all begin?

I have always wanted to design my own kid’s line. I just couldn’t scrape up enough confidence to do it. But after blogging for many years, I decided I didn’t want to write about other brands anymore I wanted to write about mine. I had been working for an ethical womenswear agency but back in October the owner decided to make some changes to the business and  I decided it was time to get my act together and do my own thing. So I did!


What inspires and excited you?

I am inspired majorly by music and my daughter’s style. I am also a huge fan of Japanese and Korean fashion, you can see this in the collection! I also gain inspiration from my friends around me. I have some amazing friends doing some amazing things. They excite me and keep me going!


What are your key trends for childrenswear this year?

Layering is my key trend! The more layering the better! I am inspired by womenswear and menswear trends. For me I don’t follow a specific trend. I pick a theme and run with it. Then I decide which silhouettes I want to include in the collection.


What do you see for the future of Girls Talk To Boys?

I want to build the brand to become a household name. Ideally I want to turn it into a lifestyle brand. I’ll be so happy to build a solid team of people to help me grow the business and continue on this adventure.


Can you list 5 of the favourite items from your collection?



Meera Denim Dress      Elliot cardigan      Maggie Trousers     Kenzo trousers          James blazer

But I love it all! So hard to pick!

Tell us about your crowd funding campaign?

I’ve just started a crowdfunding campaign over at Indiegogo. Starting a fashion line is really expensive, it always costs way more than you think. I’m running this campaign to hopefully get funding to keep the collection going. I’m getting ready to put my AW16 samples into production and now need to get my SS17 samples done to take to trade shows like Dot to Dot in London and Playtime Paris. I am offering perks (some clothing pieces from the collection and prints) that you can buy over at the campaign. I’m using this money to fund the collection. It’s not for personal use. I want to grow girlstalktoboys!

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