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The Making of Little Lulu’s Baby Shoes

I thought I would give a brief explanation of what goes into the making of your Little Lulu’s. It is a very skilled process with lots of different stages. First for me is the design. I design the shoes to look like mini versions of trendy grown up shoes. This means I often have to simplify to make them work on a smaller scale.

Luigi at the factory is very skilled at taking my drawn designs and transferring this into the real thing. First thing he does is to create a pattern. To create a shoe pattern you need to take a kind of a cast of the last. A last is the mould that creates the shape of the shoe. To make a pattern masking tape is used to create the cast then the design is drawn onto the masking tape. Sometimes designs are also worked out on vacuum forms of the last. The masking tape is then removed and each section is cut out with any stitching or folding allowances added.

Next the leather needs to be cut. This is called clicking. Each pattern is annotated and has notches to help make sure all stitch lines are correct etc. At this stage the Little Lulu’s logo is embossed onto the sole and inner sole.

Closing come next, this is when the leather is stitched together and the soft padded layer is added as well as fixing any eyelets/buckles or fittings. Also the sole is now stitched to the upper. This is done by hand to begin with to secure it in to place then stitched over with the machine.

A very important and nearly final stage is the finishing; this is when the shoe is moulded onto the last to create the shape. Normally with adult or kids hard sole shoes the sole would not have been stitched on to the upper. The upper is pulled into place on the last and stuck onto the insole. The sole is then stuck or moulded onto the upper. Our Little Lulu’s are different, they already have the sole and upper as one piece this then slips onto a metal last which is part of a machine. Steam is then applied to the shoe through the metal last and the shape is created and will remain.

The final stage is to apply any decorative details like bows or pom-poms to the shoe or to thread the laces and then to be packaged in their clear presentation box along with the dust bag.

This is quite a simplified version of events but you get the idea. I hope you enjoy your pair of Little Lulu’s


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